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FM Starting Point

FM Starting Point is a completely FREE FileMaker template designed for use with FileMaker® Pro 16. Focused on small businesses, work groups, and non-profit organizations, The templates in this solution were built with the experience we have gained from working with these target groups for over 26 years.

FileMaker users have been enjoying the benefits of FMSP for over 5 years. In this short time, we have had over 415,000 downloads of the solution. FMSP offers an integrated approach to an essential need in the business world - a complete CRM that is ready to be built upon to help create the perfect solution for your specific needs. Experienced FileMaker Pro users will value a FREE tool that makes building a new project substantially easier.

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FM Gallery

Imagine you could manipulate and manage thousands of photos like in Apple iPhoto™. FM Gallery combines the power of a Photo Management application with FileMaker Pro. FM Gallery doesn’t require any plug-ins, Javascript, or an internet connection.

FM Gallery has been created in a way to work perfectly hosted on a server in a multi-user environment or locally for a single user. FM Gallery is the ideal photo management tool for medical practitioners, realtors, architects, field services, researchers, students, or anybody requiring the power of FileMaker Pro for photo management.

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AWS Instance Calculator Tool for FileMaker Cloud

The AWS Instance Calculator is a FileMaker based tool that allows EASY comparison to the “net monthly” prices for various virtual servers, otherwise know as instances, that you can rent from Amazon AWS to host your FileMaker Cloud Server.

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RCC Recruiter

Recruiter is the FREE FileMaker solution for organizing your hiring team to find the perfect candidate for any open position in your company. With a simple and understandable layout, tracking and updating candidate data will be a breeze! All of the information you need for each candidate, requisition, and staff is available at a glance. Organized into logical tabs and easy-to-use portals, the hassle of endless searching and confusing spreadsheets will be gone when you switch to Recruiter. The newest version of Recruiter has also been updated for use on the FileMaker Go 13 platform.

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FM Go 16 Training Tool

The FileMaker Go 13 Video Training Course benefits from several "hands-on tools," and this is one of them. Of course, while this tool is handy, it is much more useful while watching the training videos. The FM Go 13 Video Training Course is an application that is perfect for anyone building mobile solutions with FileMaker Go 13. Containing over 7 hours of video content, this course will immerse you in this new, more powerful mobile FileMaker client. Richard Carlton walks the viewer through a wide range of topics. Ranging from basic topics like "UI Considerations" and "Bar Code Capture" to more complex topics such as "Base64 Encoding for Off Device Backups". Whether you are new to the FileMaker platform, or you are an established FileMaker developer, download the FM Go 13 Video Training course today and increase your knowledge of the product.

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FM Donations

After releasing several FileMaker templates, RC Consulting began to hear more and more from non-profit organizations. RCC soon saw a need to produce a simple database specifically tailored for people in the non-profit arena, and FM Donations was the result! Built using a customized copy of FM Starting Point, FM Donations comes complete with modules for managing Contacts, Companies, and Donations. Detailed reporting is included to give users the ability to print administrative reports as well as reports for individual donors. This template servers as a great tool for FileMaker users in a non-profit organization, but can also serve as a prime example for FileMaker power users and developers of how a template like FM Starting Point can be customized to fit a specific need.

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Music from FileMaker DevCon 2009 featuring Myles Debski on the piano.

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Launcher Sample

Launcher Sample corresponding to the FileMaker Free video. This file does not currently open a FileMaker database, but all the scripts are setup and ready for you to customize to your own needs. Here is a free video from our FileMaker training series that explains this file's use: How to Build a Launcher File

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Audit Log Demo

A sample file to display how you can create a simple audit log in FileMaker.

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Zip Code Lookup Demo

A sample file that shows how, using Zippopotamus, you can easily lookup information based on a zip code.

Download the Sample File.
RCC FileMaker Layout Optimizer

A sample file that helps you locate and eliminate unneeded CSS from your FileMaker database.

Download the Sample File.
Twilio Demo

A sample file that shows how you can send SMS messages directly from within FileMaker.

Download the Sample File.
ISO FileMaker Magazine's Endless Picture Slider Demo

A sample file that shows how you can make your slide control seem to have an endless amount of containers.

Download the Sample File.

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