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Please contact RCC to discuss the details of your hosting needs:
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Once RCC has provided you with a quote enter the monthly quote price below and click "Subscribe" to sign up for your automatic monthly billing. Once RCC confirms your payment your services will commence.

For users who want constant access to their shared FileMaker database, RCC offers FileMaker hosting, leveraging Amazon's worldwide servers. RCC installs and maintains FileMaker servers in Amazon's regional datacenters, on the East and West Coast of the United States, Europe, as well as Southeast Asia.

Running a FileMaker database on an Amazon server typically doubles the performance of the database for users who connect across the internet...versus the typical FileMaker Server running in a corporate office. Sounds Complicated? It's not! Contact Richard Carlton Consulting for a quote today. Prices start at about $50.00 per month.

707-422-4053 •

  1. Q: How much would it cost to host my database?

    A: The starting rate for hosting is typically $50.00 per month. This would include support for 1 to 5 files. (for current price sheet, email

  2. Q: Does it cost extra to use SuperContatiner in my hosted database?

    A: If your SuperContainer files are already being hosted on another server, the web viewers would continue to operate independently, going to the same server they previously acquired their SuperContainer information. If you would like us to host your SuperContainer files there would be an additional fee.

  3. Q: Do I have to download a plugin to use SuperContainer in my hosted file?

    A: SuperContainer that comes with FMSP requires no extra plugins.

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