UI Design Review

RCC provides an in-depth user-interface review, for your existing FileMaker solution. Nick Hunter, Senior Design Engineer with RCC, will review your solution and provide a written report with potential new UI Designs for your solution. Deficiencies will be identified, and corrective fixes will be suggested. This 5-hour process will result in a much greater understating about your solution and the possibilities for architecting a new User Experience.

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FM Starting Point

The newest version of FM Starting Point draws directly from the Apple design philosophy and is the most downloaded starter solution from RCC. We will take that same apporoach to analyze your FileMaker solution.

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Design Review includes a detailed analysis of your current system with wireframe sketches of what a potential replacement solution might look like. Replacement solutions would be consistent with Apple UI Design Philosophy. The service does not provide any actual layout design work on your file but is simply an analysis and a design report of your current solution.

Nicolas Hunter

Prior to joining RCC, Nick Hunter worked on UI/UX design at FileMaker Inc. for 6 years. Nick Hunter created the bundled starter solutions that are part of every FileMaker installation; his work is seen every day by millions of FileMaker users.

Picture of Richard Carlton

Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and manages Richard Carlton Consulting, one of the largest, top-tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. Richard is FileMaker Certified and was awarded the 2015 FileMaker Excellence Award for Outstanding Outreach and Business Development.

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