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    Bank of America
    Cisco Systems
    Palm Computing

    Sybase Corp.
    GSS Security
    Sutter Health

    Apple Computer
    Blue Shield of California
    Dolby Laboratories
    FileMaker Inc.
    Alpha Graphics

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    Stanford University
    UC Davis
    Del Paso School Dist
    UC San Francisco

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    NextG Networks
    AEI Consulting
    Aentec Engineering

    Areia Resource-
    Development Inc.
    BaseBuilders - Praesto

    Beauty Network
    Front Sight

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    San Joaquin OES
    Union Sanitary-

    CA Dept of-
    Food & Agriculture
    CA Dept of-
    Forestry and Fire
    CA Dept of Justice

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    Teacher Credentialing
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Satisfied companies

Here are some of the people we have worked for

Blue Shield California - San Francisco, CA

Blue Shield had an existing solution in a previous version of FileMaker. RCC created a new solution incorporating existing functionality and adding new features to create a central point of access for critical information. Production jobs include timelines for projects with step by step management and time charging. Adding SuperContainer greatly enhanced document management. The result was an intuitive and flexible FileMaker system that improved efficiency and effectiveness across all lines of business, allowing for reduced costs and quicker deployment.

Genentech - San Francisco, CA

(1) Legal Tracking and case management software. (2) Regulatory compliance management, documentation system, government access to most corporate database systems. (3) The Vendor Management System is a user-friendly database that tracks vendors, vendor contracts and staff evaluations. Vendor profiles can be entered directly or imported from Survey Monkey. Multiple contracts can be tracked for each vendor, and individual contracts can be linked together via a PO number. Staff members can enter vendor evaluations through the web using Instant Web Publishing.

Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, CA

Enhanced existing production job tracking system with customer feedback system. Customer accessible web survey forms enabled direct feedback on Project satisfaction. RCC created additional reporting functionality that permitted Dolby to rate customer satisfaction, enabling them to focus on specific areas of improvement.

Chevron-Texaco - Richmond, CA

Spearheaded the redesign of the database system to review and report on Chevron's Turnover process, which pulls data from a legacy Honeywell system on an hourly basis. FileMaker data is used by Area Business Units (ABU) to report refinery plant status. FileMaker executed SQL queries to the legacy source; the ODBC process now eliminates the need to use an intermediary SQL database, thereby streamlining the automation process. Reports were then immediately available to senior management at the refinery.

Pacific Bio Labs - Hercules, CA

Constructed a project management system including Accounts, Contacts, Studies, Tests and intricate timeline reporting. Integrated with the web using PHP. Integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint using SQL fed with ESS. Accomplished document storage and automated sending and receiving of email, using plugins from 360Works.

Palm Computing - 3COM Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Stanford University, School of Education - Stanford, CA 2007

Online Admission application management system for automation of review process for University Applications, completely web based in fx.php. Allows for multiple step review process, automatic notifications of staff to review and more.

Areia Resource Development Inc.

Provided mission critical FileMaker Pro 7 development services. Worked to create a retail product "shrinkwrap" database system. Includes innovative 3-D drafting directly from FileMaker Pro. This system was a recognized by FileMaker in 2004 as one of the top solutions at the annual developer conference

Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California (CELSOC)

Custom database for tracking and billing membership, and insurance for Engineering companies statewide.

FileMaker Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
UCSF - University of California San Francisco

FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8 support for emergency room databases. Performed conversion and migration services and consulted on HIPAA compliance issues. Bookstore website PHP with FileMaker programming services integration of PHP with to protect against hacker attacks.

Bank of America & EDS - Livermore, CA

Developed complex inventory management system, including receiving and shipping of commodity items, serialized items, and build of material items. BOMs are constructed in the computer then pick list and assembly list are sent to the warehouse floor for execution. Integration of bar codes and complex reporting requirements. Mission critical applications, runs 24/7/365 on a Dell 2650 Server.

Silverado Distributing

Custom database for manufacturer representative company, featuring extensive quote creation, customer tracking, competitive product analysis, invoice tracking, and inventory tracking. Integration of CPUS, printers, and networks.

Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights - Sacramento, CA

A medium sized corporation which used Business Commander to create estimates, sales orders and invoices for customers. Packing lists are managed as well as contacts and accounts. ITVS (Independent Television Service)- San Francisco, CA ITVS is a small business that provides funding for independent filmmakers as well as helps locate stations to broadcast their documentaries. ITVS acts as a bridge between producers and public television. A highly complex system is used to handle all production and distribution-related information, contracts with producers and stations, tracking and distributing of production funds, all outreach activities and all information needed to maintain client relations or related organizations.

California Dept. of Teacher Credentialing - Sacramento, CA

Developed and supported government web site for tracking and coordinating teacher surveys and feed back on state run programs designed to aid and assist the teacher. Lasso based project. Automatic email generation.

Golden Retrieve Rescue - E-Bark Auction Site (Similar to EBay)

Developed and supported E-Bay type proxy bidding action site. Support unlimited bidders and items. Project was based in Lasso and FileMaker 5.x, and used automatic emails to let bidder know when they had won an item, or had been outbid on a particular item by another party.

California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection

Database and multimedia combination to create "Smokey and Me" curriculum CD-ROM. "Smokey and Me" won awards from the Governor's office and the Government Technical Conference, 1995. Developed both Macintosh and Windows multimedia titles, based on Macromedia Director and QuickTime. Sybase Corporation Custom seminar scheduling and tracking, fulfillment tracking, source code tracking on a world wide server. Integration on "run-time" FileMaker Pro Engine for FileMaker Pro server access world wide.

Apple Inc - Cupertino, CA & Sacramento, CA
San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services - San Joaquin County, CA

The San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES) utilizes FileMaker Pro and Custom Web Publishing to enable businesses to submit data on hazardous materials as required by state and federal laws.

California Dept. of Transportation, CALTRANS - Sacramento, CA

Developed Project management and Tracking in FileMaker Pro 6, Lasso web development and conversion to FileMaker Pro 7.0. System manages development projects, time allocation and development of Caltrans work projects. Upgraded existing FileMaker 2.0 database system to FileMaker 3.0. Redesigned system to take advantage of FMP 3.0's relational, as well as, other new features. Implemented centralized database system that tracks claims processing and service contracts. Automated data input procedures and reporting features previously done manually.

Local Union 342, Pipe Fitting, Welding, Refrigeration
California Dept of Food & Agriculture - Sacramento, CA
Sutter Health, CAL Pacific Medical Center - San Francisco, CA

Developed and Supports Pediatric admission and discharge database system. System considered mission critical to hospital patient care. HIPAA requirements assessed and addressed. Pediatric system, access by hospital and also pediatric clinic. Usage: approximately 30 doctors and specialist.

BaseBuilders - Praesto - Reno, NV

Developed commercial application for sale. Database system is a project management system for engineering and surveying companies. RCC provided engineering, installation services, and contract technical support.

California Urban Water Conservation Council - Sacramento, CA

Developed comprehensive web site design driven by FileMaker Pro, including new information, council minutes, and complete e-commerce system to sell publications promoting water conservation. Utilizes PayProtect™ e-commerce system, automatic email, automatic faxing, and more.

Union City Sanitary District - Fremont, CA

Developed numerous FileMaker and Lasso based projects. Projects range among many areas such as calendaring system of school outreach, urban water runoff, and inspections reporting.

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