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We are engineers committed to making your life easier.

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RCC is consultancy focused on the training and development of custom apps, using the FileMaker Platform. RCC has published a number video courses, and has started publishing FileMaker training books to Amazon.

RCC was started is 1990 and has been steadily growing over the years to its current staff size of 34. RCC has offices in San Luis Obispo, CA - Santa Clara, CA - Reno, NV, - Dallas, TX. RCC publishes several video courses, which are available at fmtraining.tv

Our printed books are available on amazon:

FileMaker 17 Manual: https://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-17-Manual-Novices/dp/1719179786
FileMaker 16 Manual: https://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-16-Manual-Novices/dp/1985579324
FileMaker 21 Manual: https://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-Manual-Novices-2021/dp/B08ZBJFWQB

They are available in Paperback or as Kindle e-books.

RCC also publishes the most popular and often download FileMaker Free "Starter solution" FM Starting Point. This is available at FMStartingPoint.com

To contact RCC send e-mail to: support@rcconsulting.com

More about our team

When working with Richard Carlton Consulting, it is inevitable that some information considered classified by a client will be viewed by Richard Carlton Consulting. This is unavoidable unfortunately as the data cannot be separated from the customized programming which Richard Carlton Consulting develops for the client. Any client information is considered classified and is not available or discussed with any parties other than the respective client.

Richard Carlton Consulting has worked with local and federal law enforcement agencies. In addition, we have consulted with businesses which supply these agencies. These clients rely on Richard Carlton Consulting's confidentiality and security measures to protect extremely sensitive information.

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