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Richard Carlton Consulting (RCC) offers potential new customers a FREE one-hour consultation with a RCC Senior Engineer. Consultation which is preparation and evaluation for a development project (but no actual work on your solution). The goal of the consultation is to better understand the customers needs and to be able to provide a preliminary proposal for the customer's review.

Depending upon the depth of the project, RCC may only be able to provide a cursory outline of the project in the proposal, without sufficient depth of detail to allow a financial estimate. In such cases RCC will map out a "discovery phase" which will result in a proposal that will contain sufficient detail as to include a financial estimate.

During the one-hour consultation, RCC will typically perform a basic check of the customer's database server(s) and database(s), looking for gross deficiencies of which the customer is unaware. Often RCC must work to identify these deficiencies that are left by other consultants and IT staff, who are not sufficiently skilled in database management, or best practices.

Our senior engineering staff is available on both short term and long term contracts. At customer request, our proposals may be fixed cost, or based on actual time and materials.

To schedule your free consultation now send email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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