Our Team

Richard Carlton

Richard Carlton

CEO & Senior Engineer, RC Consulting Inc

Product Manager & Video Trainer, FMTraining.TV

Richard Carlton is a long time veteran of the FileMaker Community. With his 32 years of experience, he has built a team of 31 FileMaker developers and supporting staff throughout North America. The headquarters of RCC and FMTraining.TV are in Santa Clara, CA.

Richard is best known for his video courses on the FileMaker Platform, developing “FM Starting Point” Business Software (free to everyone). RCC is involved with every facet of the FileMaker platform including: training, development of custom apps, and large scale deployments with organizations.

Richard has published numerous FileMaker Books (available on Amazon)

ISBN: 13: 978-1985579323 (FileMaker 16 Manual for Novices)
ISBN: 13: 978-1719179782 (FileMaker 17 Manual for Novices)
ISBN: 9798655392687 (FileMaker 21 Manual for Novices)

Richard has been a long time speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and provides free webinars to answer critical questions about the FileMaker Platform.

Richard is a commercial helicopter pilot.

Nicolas Hunter

Nicolas Hunter

Senior UI Design Engineer

Prior to joining RCC, Nick Hunter worked on UI/UX design at FileMaker Inc. for 6 years. Nick Hunter created the bundled starter solutions that are part of every FileMaker installation; his work is seen every day by millions of FileMaker users, although he is never officially credited with his creations.

FM Starting Point’s new UI design (www.fmstartingpoint.com) was greatly inspired by the Starter Solutions developed by Nick. After joining RCC, Nick assumed responsibility for ongoing UI design in the FMSP product, ensuring the latest and most modern design aesthetics are available to the FileMaker community.

Nick has been a frequent speaker at FileMaker’s Developer conference, and is a recognized expert in FileMaker UI and UX design.

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