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PHP/Web Development

RCC has extensive experience in deploying web solutions with database connectivity. Our experience ranges from simple projects to complex multi-site reatime systems and API integrations.

Customers often require databases be made available through web access, allowing users to view/edit database information through their web browser (intranet or Internet).

RCC is fully versed in the use of FileMaker's new Data API, as well as in the older technologies available to communicate with your FileMaker solutions (e.g. FM PHP API, XML, etc.)

For the last 12 years, Richard Carlton Consulting has been designing web sites to meet all our clients' needs. We provide website development with modern frameworks like Angular, Slim, and others in Javascript (including Node.js) and PHP.

Live Demos:
My Front Sight - Registration site driven by FileMaker. E-Commerce, Account Login, Email.


RCC also has experience creating custom solution API's using a variety of techniques, along with consuming the API's of other services and applications.

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View the gallery of the various designs done by Richard Carlton Consulting Inc. The gallery includes website designs, user interface designs for FileMaker Pro, user interface designs for FileMaker Go, and Mobile App design and creation.

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